Importance of shading analysis for DC capacity estimation

Shading analysis is a very important step required prior to finalizing the DC capacity (number of solar modules) for any ground mount or rooftop solar project.

Merely plotting of modules on available roof or ground area may result in waste of money and energy because a particular area might always remain inefficient due to shading and the investment is wasted.

Shading obstacles which need to be checked are exhaust fans on roof sheds, adjacent buildings with more height, trees, towers, advertisement hoardings, chimney, etc.

A detailed and accurate shading analysis considering all 12 months as well as particular timing of the day (preferably 9am to 4pm) is very crucial to determine the shadow free area for mounting solar modules.

Above video demonstrates a 3D  shading scene created for a sample project.

We have a team of experts to create, review and discuss shading analysis with our customers for each project.